DIY Flower Letter

So this isn’t my usual blog post, but I wanted to try something new. I’m currently working on collecting pieces for a wall collage for the new house Chase and I just moved into. I am a perfectionist and so for some pieces I knew the only way that they’d be perfect and match well, is if I made them myself.
What you’ll need for this DIY project is:
  1. A wooden letter of your choosing ( I picked W for Walter….obviously. Haha!)
  2. Flower and/or leaves in the colors of your choosing
  3. Hot glue gun and hot glue gun sticks
* I got all my supplies from A.C. Moore



  • Gather all your flowers and leaves and cut them or pull them off the stem. Roughly arrange them on the letter how you’d like them glued.
  • Glue on each flower and leaf individually. It helps if you glue only the bottom or stem, to keep the texture.
  • Fill in any empty or spares spots with small flowers, leaves, etc.
*Take your time! This isn’t too time consuming, but you want it to look nice.
 I will plan on posting the final wall collage once I’m done collecting pieces (if that ever happens! Haha). I hope you find this little DIY helpful and enjoyable! I loved making it and how it turned out! Feel free to comment suggestions, ideas, or just tips. I welcome any and all helpful suggestions and I’d just love some feedback! Thanks for reading!  Xoxo

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