5 Ways to Help Baby Sleep Better at Night


Every baby is different, and everyone parents differently. I’m not saying, in writing this blog post, that I’m a perfect parent, nor that I’ve got this whole parenting thing figured out. These five things have worked for me and aided Oliver in sleeping at night. I compiled this list from several sources. Whether from other moms advice, books, blogs, and simply learning as I go along.

As a first-time mom, I wanted to be prepared, maybe even overprepared. I read countless blogs, books, and articles, but no one source told me the few things I wanted/needed to know! My hope for this post, is that other moms, like me, hoping to help their little one sleep, find this helpful.

1. Establish a schedule! I can not press this matter enough! ‘On Becoming Babywise‘ was the only book so many parents told me to read, and boy were they right! Starting a schedule as early as two weeks, even a tentative one, will greatly help your baby baby sleep longer at night. This blog has written schedules for different stages of infancy, and hasproven to be incredibly helpful and successful!

2. “Rest is Best!” This is a little tip from ‘On Becoming Babywise’, and it couldn’t be more true. A restless baby is a cranky baby! Longer naps help ensure that your baby doesn’t get overly tired. I don’t know the specifics of why lots of sleep during the day helps you baby sleep even more at night. ( if anyone knows, please comment below!)

3. Establish a nighttime routine. By establishing a nighttime routine, your baby understands that it’s wind-down time. Dim the lights, talk softer, and get baby ready for bed. All the things are a cue to baby that the next sleep is bedtime. Also, if your baby enjoys bath time, give them a bath in the evening.

4. Ignore baby at night. I don’t mean to literally ignore you baby!! But during night the feeding(s), don’t talk to you baby, don’t turn on any lights,and try not to make eye contact with baby. All those things make baby think it’s time to be awake, and engages playtime in their mind.

5. Put baby to sleep in the right environment. Make sure baby has a firm mattress and the right sleeping situation. I have found that having Oliver sleep with white noise helps him not wake at every little sound. Make sure the room is light during the day, and only a nightlight at night.

You may find that your baby sleeps better on their belly, but one, it’s not safe, and secondly, you baby sleeps deeper on their belly, making them not as tired at night. The sooner you implement these things, the better! Don’t expect it to work right away, and your baby to magically sleep through the night. It takes time and a lot of patience! Plus, most babies don’t sleep through the night till 4-6 months old.

I really hope this post was helpful, and I’d appreciate it if you let me know if there should be something to add or change!! Again, I’m not perfect, nor the perfect parent, but these are things I have found incredibly helpful! Oliver is almost 3 months old, and has only woken up once at night since he was about 7 weeks old. Thank you for reading!!  Xoxo

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