November Favorites


I have never done a favorites or monthly favorites post, but thought it would be a great thing to start, since I discover new favorites every month. I will try my best to get a favorites post up for every month! Wish me luck! The things I will include will be a variety, including products I’ve been loving, items for the house, bloggers or youtubers that I have discovered and love, and things I have been doing that I have filled my time with that month. Lets go!

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The first thing that I have been LOVING this month, is Sally Hansen ‘Hard as Nails’ nail polish in the color Bare It All. I love the color because it is subtle, yet versatile! For me, it’s not about bright colors, since they don’t go well with my skin tone, and they just don’t look great in general. I also love this nail polish, because nail polish tends to chip off my nails easily, but this polish stays on well and takes two coats at most!

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I am a big user of mascara! I use about three different mascaras almost every day to achieve my desired look of long, thick lashes. A little while back I bought Wonder’Lash Mascara by Rimmel London, but I hadn’t tried it out till the beginning of November. It was instantly a favorite! It achieves a long lash without clumping them all together like some mascaras. And the best part, is that there is argan oil in it, which actually promotes eyelash growth and strength.


The one thing from my closet that has been a favorite this month, is this sweater from Lucky Duck Boutique! I did a post all about this sweater, so I won’t talk about it too much, but you can see a full review here. Let me just say that it is SO stylish (and great for breastfeeding)!

*Use code Voguemom30 to get 30% off you’re purchase!


I am just slightly obsessed with Mimi Ikonn and her Youtube channel and Instagram! And by slightly, I mean I’ve been watching her Youtube channel almost every day! Just watching her has  motivated me to lead a healthier life. Not that I didn’t before, but now I watch what I put in my body, how I take care of my body, and how I spend my time. Go check her out! She’s gorgeous, I LOVE her style, and she just recently had an adorable baby.


Lastly, my favorite favorite (hehe) of the month, is the new Netflix show, The Crown. Talk about binge-worthy! It is about Queen Elizabeth II, and it’s just so me!! I love anything to do with the royals, but even more so to do with history. Huge history buff right here! I probably watched all 12 episodes in two days! Side note, I’m productive while I watch TV. Haha! I can’t really just sit down and watch TV without doing something.  Speaking of which, my husband and I just started an Etsy store so go check us out here!

And that concludes my favorites for November. I hope you enjoyed reading, and maybe are even thinking of looking some of these things up! I’d appreciate feedback and comments! So go ahead and  please comment below and like the post!   Xoxox

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