Blogmas Day 1: 5 Holiday Traditions

image1It’s December already?! My year has flown by and for the first time ever, I’m nowhere near prepared for Christmas. I thought that I’d give Blogmas a try for my very first Christmas season as a blogger. 25 blog posts in 25 days….Hopefully I can do it! Money is super tight this holiday season, so I’m busy making Christmas gifts out the wazoo! Anyway, I decided to make my first post of Blogmas a list of my top 5 holiday traditions. It was hard to compile the list into just 5 things, since growing up, my family had a whole lot of Christmas traditions! This is my first Christmas as a wife and a mom, and I know that in time we will make our own little family traditions.

  1. No Christmas anything until the day after Thanksgiving! That’s right! No Christmas music, movies, decorations, nothing, until Thanksgiving is over. One holiday at a time people!
  2. Cutting down the Christmas tree. My family has this tradition, where we go out and pick out the perfect tree and my dad then cut it down with a hand saw. No chainsaws aloud. Go Dad!
  3. Christmas movies. White Christmas, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, you name it, I watch it! I LOVE Christmas movies, and the holidays aren’t complete without the classics.
  4. Baking galore! This year, I started my holiday baking on November 30, just to get a good head start! Being a professional baker doesn’t make the load any lighter or easier, nor the sugar cookie count any lower. Bring on the calories!
  5. Christmas Eve. I love getting all dressed up for the Christmas Eve service, and now I get to dress Oliver up as well. Christmas Eve dinner in our pj’s, and hot cider before bed. Then it’s off to bed so Santa (wink wink) can come and bring us presents.

I think that everyone should have holiday traditions. What’s the holidays without them?! If you don’t have any holiday traditions, I’d encourage you to make some! Traditions make the holidays all the more special!  Xoxo

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