Blogmas Day 4: A Holiday Party

Christmas is right around the corner, and what makes the holidays better, is friends! And not just any friends, but high school friends who happen to have babies the same age. The little girl, Norah, is only nine days older than Oliver, and the little boy, Edison, is only a few hours younger than Oliver. Who knew back in high school, that several years from now, we’d all have babies around the same time!

My good friends, Hannah, Sarena, and I, get together once a month for a play date. Aka, we talk about our babies and breastfeeding. Haha! This month we decided to get our husbands involved and make a holiday dinner. The evening was so nice, with great food that all of us ladies cooked, games and laughter, and lots of funny baby moments.

I decided to add this to my Blogmas posts, because I think that holiday parties are a great idea, and a great way to bring people together! This Christmas season, I encourage you to reconnect with old friends you’ve lost contact with, or make new friends. Happy Blogmas Day 4! please comment below and give this post a like!   Xoxo

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