Blogmas Day 8: Christmas Break

This isn’t about the Christmas break that you’re thinking of. It’s not a break from college and the never ending pile of homework, or a break from work. Instead, I have decided to help myself, by not completely destroying all my hard work to shed the baby weight, and take a break from a food that I eat a lot of. When I give up something, I’m pretty good at sticking to it.

In this season that’s full of food and sweets, I have decided to give my body a break from bread. Depending on how well I can control myself and stay away from bread, I may even give up gluten as a new years resolution! I just feel that I will enjoy the holidays a lot more feeling confident with my body, and not feeling those extra carbs weighing me down. It is all one step closer to a healthier, more fit, me in the new year. I encourage you to examine your life and your choices, and make a step towards a healthier you!  Xoxo

*P.s. I am running out of ideas for Blogmas already! I would love and really appreciate some suggestions!

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