Blogmas Day 21: Favorite Vlogmas Youtubers

vlogmass-1024x576I admit that I am a nosy person. I love to watch the day to day life of others, especially in different countries. I find it intriguing and I love to see how others live and what they do. Unlike Blogmas, Vlogmas documents that days activities, while Blogmas can be anything holiday related. I have decided to share some of my favorite Youtubers that are participating in Vlogmas this year.


Zoe Sugg, or Zoella, is one of my favorite Youtubers (my favorite isn’t doing Vlogmas 😦 )! She is so cute and quirky, and she is just fun to watch! Also, I love her makeup and her clothing hauls!


The SacconeJoly’s are the CUTEST family ever! Well, besides my own cute, little family. They vlog everyday of their life, so technically they aren’t doing Vlogmas, but technically they are as well. Their kids have the cutest English accents, and the mom, Anna, is pregnant. I just can’t handle this family!


My third, and final, favorite Vlogmas Youtuber is the gorgeous Tanya Burr. If I could recreate her makeup looks, I would be a happy woman. I would also be super happy if I had her dachshund, Martha. She is also a great role model for young girls, and is all about body positivity.

I hope that you’ll check out these Youtubers, if you’re nosy like me and love watching other people simply live their lives. Or maybe I’m just super creepy and awkward! Haha! By the way, if you do check these youtubers out, you’re going to notice that they are either English or Irish. Sorry, not sorry.    Xoxo

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